Micro ATM

Cash, at the swipe of a card. Turn your store into a Mini ATM!

    AIOS AEPS Banking Service (Micro ATM / Aadhar ATM)
    AIOS AEPS Banking Service helps you to convert your existing business into a bank micro ATM (Aadhaar ATM). It is an AEPS based payment solution, which interfaces with the AEPS of NPCI and supports transactions from one Aadhaar linked account to another routed through Aadhaar Enabled Device. The service can be started easily with very fewer formalities from your existing shop or home. It helps you to perform various financial transactions for your customers, thereby giving you an opportunity to earn handsome com missions.Starting 1969 when ATMs were first introduced, they've evolved into high tech, quite stable, high tech, feature-rich banking terminals, offering convenience to customers, and reducing costs for banks. Micro ATMs would especially help tackle the issues which people are confronting in rural and semi-urban areas, where the ATM network is much less strong currently. Micro ATMs is card swipe machines through which banks can remotely connect to their core banking system. In other words, micro ATMs are the handheld point of sale terminals used to disburse cash in remote places where bank branches cannot reach. Micro ATMs is very similar to point of sale (PoS) terminals and therefore are a doorstep portable banking arrangement cum-mobile ATM device.

How Does AEPS Banking Service Works

The AEPS machine (Micro ATM / Aadhar ATM) works like a Point of Sale (POS) machine. Instead of a debit/credit card pin, the merchant will have to key in the customer's Aadhaar number and authenticate the transaction using the customer's biometric data.

Features & Benefits of AEPS Banking Service (Micro ATM & Aadhar ATM Service)

  • Easy to use
  • Safe and secure payment method
  • Interoperable across various banks
  • Encourages financial inclusion and serves the under banked sections of society
  • Through AEPS, all bank account holders will be able to access their bank accounts through Aadhaar authentication
  • With AEPS, the only information required to initiate a transaction is Aadhaar number and biometric information

  • ATMs are currently spread globally, and available in most metropolitan areas, even in emerging markets. Emerging markets confront unique challenges in ATM deployment, which makes their rollouts slow:

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